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Tarasov Alexandr Igorevich
Tarasov Alexandr Igorevich
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Integrated Internet Marketing

Integrated Internet Marketing is a service of the Russian market analysis on a particular segment, the composition of a business strategy for business development, planning and complex advertising services. The purpose of this service are: 1. Analysis of segment profitability for understanding and output capabilities of services of foreign companies on the Russian market. 2. Calculation of the cost of the campaign, the timing of its implementation and effectiveness of the forecast. 3. Introduction of foreign services in the competitive environment of the Russian market.

Keywords : Comprehensive internet marketing internet marketing market research advertising Internet services business development

Price and Terms of delivery
Price 25000 $ 31.12.2014
Incoterms To calculate the cost and terms of payment required segment information and details introduced to the Russian market of the product.
Payment terms The whole company is divided into stages depending on the selected marketing tools. From this also depends on the stages of payment.

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