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8536908500 Electrical app for switchg/protec elec circuits,not exced 1,000 V,nes

Magnetite anodes

Magnetite anodes Mendeleevets-MTP, MTG, MTKP, MTKG is constituent part of CPS. Type of them disposition may be "shallow" anode (horizontal or vertical, not deep) or "deep" anode (mainly vertical). There are two costruction: no shell - single anode electrode with connecting cable or chain of electrodes joined by a connecting cable and complete anode - container with electrode inside and a cokemineral activator around electrode: single or block (to easy connect with each other).

Keywords : shallow anode groundbed deep anode groundbed block anode groundbed anode groundbed Mendeleevets-MTP Mendeleevets-MTG Mendeleevets-MTKP Mendeleevets-MTKG

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