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Teba Alexander Nikolayevich
Teba Alexander Nikolayevich
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LLC "Aurora"


LLC "Aurora"

A new, environmentally friendly system for processing solid domestic and industrial (oil sludge) waste that occurs on the same complex (a plant) operating in a unique technology, unprecedented in the world, developed by Russian engineers. Wastes, without preparation, are loaded onto the dumper and transported to the plant for processing. High-quality products are produced, the list of which is determined by the customer for the construction of the plant. Waste landfills will disappear, a clean pit will remain.

Keywords : dump waste municipal industrial recycling ecology cleanup ,

Price and Terms of delivery
Price 53168000 $
Incoterms EXW
Payment terms prepayment
Min order quantity 1 factory
Supply capacity 5 unified complexes with a capacity of 120 thousand tons of waste per year will be produced annually.
Packaging details GOST
Sample available Yes.
Aftersale Service Yes.

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